Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Google Webmasters Tool reviewed

Google Webmasters is very handy and free for every webmaster with one or more websites.

With this excellent tool you can optimize your website. Sign-in with your Google Account and you can start after you added your website to the directory. Let the magic start!

Keywords searched on Google
Google Webmasters shows you the most keywords where users were looking for on Google and then compare the keywords in your website. Tables will be formed that tell you detailed information for how many times your website has been searched for on a specific keyword. And more important is that you can see how many times they view one of your webpage's for that keyword.

Google Webmasters will inform you if something is wrong with one of your website by sending you a mail to your Gmail and on the dashboard of Webmasters. Google find most of the errors while it crawles your website.

HTML improvement
This section tells you if there are wrong and double meta-tags, so you can correct them.

In this section you can tell Google which pages of your website that are the most important, you can rank them. But this is only for the automatic generated links under the search results of your website if you have them.

Google will tell you which external websites are linking to one of your pages.
It also looks for inner links.

sitemap.xml and robots.txt
You can send a sitemap of your website directory in the crawling section. So you can tell Google what pages have been changes. You also see how many of your pages that are included in the Google Index.

Fetch like Google
Google integrated a tool to fetch your content. If a pages has been changed you can tell Google to fetch only the page or the page with all the links on it.

PageSpeed Insights
A new tool to see your website load time and what can be done to improve the speed of your website.

Many fun with this free tool to analyze your websites.

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